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Kudat - Tip of Borneo

The northernmost tip of Borneo is locally known as Simpang Mengayau. Some 40 kilometers from Kudat, a historically important town in the very north of Sabah Simpang Mengayau has remained relatively undisturbed and was only recently "discovered" as a tourism destination. Pristine beaches, indigenous longhouses, secluded diving, intricate handicraft by the Rungus people - the ethnic entity that populates the Kudat Peninsula - await you along with villages where gongs are manufactured, simply the percussion instrument throughout Borneo.Over the past couple of years the peninsula has seen tremendous upgrading of infrastructure, and Kudat as well as the very tip of Borneo, the world's third largest island, is now accessible by car in little under three hours. But why the rush: take your time, stop by at the many markets, visit the 'one village one trade' kampungs of Gombizau (honey), Sumangkap (gongs), Tinanggol (beads) and Bavanggazo (longhouse living culture). Meet the locals and chat with them; stroll through the fish markets of Kudat where some of Sabah's best seafood comes from. And enjoy a sumptuous meal, be it for lunch or dinner, of the best the seas can offer at unbeatable prices. Relax on some of the most beautiful beaches you'll ever see, and if you are a diver you will find the area not only intriguing for its marine life, but also for the treasure trove of ancient wrecks that can be found in the north of Sabah. Who knows, you might even make an important discovery...! For the traveller there is now a wide choice of accommodation, ranging from homestay programmes in villages where you can taste longhouse living over simple town hotels to the newly completed Kudat Marina & Golf Resort.Kudat remains a destination a select few visit, despite its upgraded infrastructure that brought better accessibility and accommodation. It is a truly fascinating area to visit and a visit to Sabah should not be complete without having seen the very Tip of Borneo at least...!
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