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Poring hot Spring

Poring Hot Springs is part of the vast Kinabalu National Park. It is some 13 kilometres from Ranau, or about 40 kilometres from the Kinabalu National Park Head Quarters in Kundasang. First developed by the Japanese during World War II, it is now amongst Sabah?s top tourism destinations and very popular amongst foreigners and locals alike. The sulphuric, hot waters of the spring are piped into open-air Japanese-style baths, where you can rest your tired limbs after the climb of Mt Kinabalu.Poring is named after a species of giant bamboo that grows abundantly in the area.The Rafflesia flower is a parasitic plant that grows on the lowerslopes of mountain ranges. It has a limited distribution and isonly found in certain areas of Southeast Asia. The first Europeansto discover the Rafflesia were Sir Stamford Raffles and Dr JosephArnold in 1816, near the town of Bencoolen (Bengkulu) inSumatra. Not surprisingly, that particular species was named RafflesiaArnoldii.The Rafflesia has no specific flowering season. It has no roots,stem or leaves and starts life as a small, dark brown bud attachedto its host, the stem or root of a jungle vine. After taking approximatelynine months to mature into a cabbage-sized bud, the plant opens.The petals, usually five, sometimes six, are red in colour andcovered with lighter coloured spots. When in full bloom the floweremits a foul odour which attracts flies and other insects. TheRafflesia only flowers for 5 to 6 days, before the petals blackenand the flower withers.The flowers are either male or female. Pollen is most likely transferredfrom one plant to another by flies, whilst scientists believethat the small mammals that eat the fruit of the plant transferthe seeds (via their droppings, claws and facial hair) to otherhost sites around the forest floor.Although the Rafflesia can grow up to one metre in diameter, theflowers found at Gunung Gading are usually half that size withthe occasional monster-sized plant appearing from time to time.
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